A short post about my experiences with exclusive escort service in Tel Aviv, and everything that happened in that magical night

I was about 24-25, and I was dating someone for some time now (about 9 or 10 months). Even though we dated for that amount of time, we didn’t really know what we want. At the same time I wasn’t dating anyone else, and I met my girlfriend for at least twice a week, but it wasn’t a committing relationship. The sex was grate and so was she – intelligent, beautiful girl. But it was really hard to feel like she is there for me. At the same time we decided that it’s not going anywhere clear, and that we want to try meeting other people. I forgot at that point how it is to go outside alone, for pubs or parties, I didn’t have the great need of random sex, and basically I wanted a human company with me – and I’m not talking about my male friends, but some girl I could hang out with her without any problems. I didn’t find one, so I went for Exclusive escort service in Tel Aviv, and invited a girl.

Escort services? Me? No way.

I used the company evening as an excuse for inviting an escort girl. I was looking online a long time before I found someone I was attracted by. Inside the website it was written about “Nikita”, first degree student that speaks 4 languages, blonde, slim and tall. She was 20 years old and looked adorable. At the beginning when I was asking for her, they told me that she is busy and won’t be able to arrive, so that I will choose another girl. After less than 2 minutes they called me back, saying her meeting was canceled and she is available for me. This is VIP escort service in Tel Aviv, not only an escort service, but a true customer service. Instead of me trying to figure out what to do, they gave me all the answers and the options, and called back with all I needed. I guess that’s why it called VIP escort in Tel Aviv, and not just “escort” like many other places.

Nikita and I – kind of a never materialized Cinderella story, an escort girl I would take to meet my mom

When I invited Exclusive escort service in Tel Aviv, I didn’t expect to get this. When I first saw Nikita, she just blew my mind! She was looking like the picture, even better, dressed exactly like a partner to a company evening including the clothes, the hair and the jewelry, welcomed me with a kiss on the cheek and a shy smile – I really couldn’t expect that kind of perfection. We talked a little bit about her job, and her education. I was ready to take her to meet my mom, but then I remembered what she is doing for a living. It was amazing.